Kos is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea which belongs to the Dodecanese archipelago. The capital of the island is the town Kos, with the main sea port  located in it. “Hippokrates” international airport is located 26 km away from the capital . Flight connections with Thessaloniki, Rhodes and Athens does not stop all year round. Because of its lush vegetation, gorgeous gardens and huge parks the island Kos obtained the nickname “The Garden of the Aegean Sea.” First of all, travelers are attracted by the natural beauty and beautiful environment of the island, but there are multiple historical and cultural sites to a visit as well that will take more than one day. Kos has the well-developed infrastructure . Spirit of Greek antiquity is closely intertwined with the modern values ​​and entertainment. A variety of taverns, water attractions, discos and restaurants will help to brighten up your leisure.

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On the island almost year-round prevails clear sunny weather and lures tourists even in the late autumn and winter. Beach season starts in May, when the water warms up to + 20-23Co. In spring when the gardens and parks start to burst into blossom you can enjoy amazing composition of colors. In mid-summer temperatures often rise above + 35 Co but the sea breeze significantly softens the heat.

The beaches of the island will satisfy even the most demanding tourist. Pebble, sand, black volcanic sand, quiet, crowded – there are beaches absolutely for every taste and for every type of holiday. Kos is very conveniently located, making easy and quick access to the neighboring islands, in case if you are bored from the variety of local resorts.

Despite the fact that the main area of the island is plain, there are also plenty of cliffs and gorges. The highest peaks: Dikeo, Latra and Simpatros. Stony rocks are of volcanic origin. The soil is very fertile, as evidenced by a large number of forests, orchards and farmland. In addition to the luxurious flora, the island is also home to a unique fauna, many representatives of which are listed as endangered.

Many islands of Greece are mentioned in Greek mythology and Kos is not the exception. When Hercules returned to Troy his stepmother, goddess Hera encouraged terrible storm, intending to sink the ship of a great warrior.

The ship was thrown by the storm to the island of Kos and local fishermen decided that it is a pirate ship and started throwing stones at it, thereby not allowing to swim to shore. At night, the angry Hercules swam to the island, killed the king and started to reign solely. Temple of Heracles is one of the oldest sites of the island.

Also on the island there was born one of the most famous healers – Hippocrates. The “father of medicine” himself lived almost one hundred years, which is not surprising, because the air on the island is spotlessly clean and thanks to pine and eucalyptus is good for health. Many sites are associated with the Father of Medicine: the Tree of Hippocrates, the temple of medicine Asklepion, the Museum dedicated to Hippocrate.

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