Our mission

We are here to provide you with premium real estate services

Save money

M Properties Real Estate provides real estate services:
– Sale and rent of housing properties
– Sale and rent of commercial properties
– Building, development, design, investment projects
– Properties management
– Consultancy and law services
– Assistance for applying for bank loans
– Assistance for getting a visa, residence permit and other
– Sales of businesses
– Assistance in every stage of purchase of a real estate
– Real estate tours

Good sales & marketing

The company offers mainly properties for sale and rent throughout whole Greece. We also offer properties in Bulgaria and some other contries.

Our main office is in Thessaloniki, Greece, but we also have offices in many other parts in Greece, in Bulgaria and Cyprus and in cooperation with our partners in Russia, Ukraine and other European countries.


We offer all types of properties – houses, villas, land, apartments, investment properties, vacational properties and other.
We also offer our services to every owner of a property who wants to sell his/her property with us!


If you can not find a property that you are looking for in our data base send us information of the wished property and we will find it for you! Our goal is to find a property for each of our clients!


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